The Scottish Whisky Store From Distillery To Door Mon, 11 May 2015 08:22:38 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Whisky growth and Scottish Independence Tue, 05 Mar 2013 06:54:08 +0000 How did Scottish Whisky go from a barn on a farm industry to selling in over 200 countries around the world?  This amazing story looks set to continue with the growth of the middle classes in emerging markets such as China, Russia, India and Brazil. Even Africa is seeing a growth in whisky consumption. Whisky is actively being marketed by the large multinationals at the aspirational consumer with the message if you can afford it you have succeeded in life; you are now part of the global elite.  Although champagne still holds an important place in the market, whisky is more flexible as it is not just considered a drink for celebration.  The vast range of whisky products available also helps as the managing director in Sao Paulo can impress his friends by producing a bottle which none of his friends have heard of.  This is becoming easier now that you can buy whisky online. Incidentally Brazil’s whisky imports grew by 48% in just 1 year.

In 2011 40 bottles of whisky were shipped overseas every second, yes every second, earning the UK government treasury £134 per second.  It perhaps no surprise the UK government is now fighting hard against Scottish Independence.

Merry Whisky Christmas Fri, 21 Dec 2012 12:31:06 +0000 We would like to say a big thank you to the Scottish Whisky Store customers this Christmas who have made this a busy first year us.  There have been ups and downs, mistakes made and corrected but all done with a whisky induced smile. Buying whisky online is growing we have been putting every effort in to negotiate the complicated world of Google optimisation and social media marketing while trying to uphold the quality product which is Scotch Whisky. Our customer base is growing and we are slowly making progress on the Google ladder however still need help in getting to the first page for many of keywords.  So don’t forget to comment on your purchases and let your friends know about the Scottish Whisky Store. Like our Scottish Whisky Store page on Facebook and share it with your friends.  Our aim to increase our sales so we have more buying power and be able to give our customers the most competitive prices for scotch online.

Our top selling items this year have been Johnnie Walker whisky, perhaps not surprisingly given it is the world’s most popular whisky with Scotland’s favourite blended whisky Famous Grouse whisky coming in a distant second. Even although we are called the Scottish Whisky Store, our customers have also being buying whiskey online, yes the Irish variety, with Japanese whisky also doing well. So thank you for your support over 2012 and we wish you a whisky filled Christmas and New year and don’t forget to buy whisky online for Burns night on the 25th January 2013!

The new frontier for Whisky, women. Wed, 05 Dec 2012 10:18:25 +0000 The macho image of whisky needs to change according to Geraldine Murphy the founder of Glasgow’s Women’s Whisky Club which runs events in Glasgow’s popular Pot Still bar. After visiting the Scotch Malt Whisky Society in Edinburgh and going to several whisky tastings Geraldine thought it was very much a man’s environment. Whisky is not just a drink for old men and historically in Scotland women have and do drink whisky, my own grandmother was a keen whisky enthusiast…….

Scottish whisky distillers have been delighted with opening of a women’s whisky club however doesn’t it open up a more important point.  As women are over 50% of the population aren’t the whisky marketers missing a trick? To the knowledge of the Scottish Whisky Store no brand of whisky or even edition has been aimed at the female whisky market. Yet many of our customers who buy whisky online are female. The scotch whisky industry needs to work hard at changing the image of scotch whisky to make it more appealing to female consumers. Due to the more sensitive female palate they are likely to be better at picking out some of the flavours in scotch whisky. The untapped market is huge and if the scotch whisky industry does not pay attention there will be other alcoholic beverages such as vodka eager to take this market.

Glen Orrin Whisky Giveaway Thu, 29 Nov 2012 14:59:54 +0000 Aldi the German discount supermarket chain is to sell 3000 bottles of 30 year old scotch whisky called Glen Orrin across their Scottish stores in an effort to bring in more customers over the festive period.  This is not the first time they have done this with a similar offer last year.  The bottles will go on sale at 10am on the 9th of December and the blended whisky is expected to sell out within minutes. The discounted price of just £49.99 is around a third of what you would normally pay for a whisky aged 30 years.  We at the Scottish Whisky Store have not got to the bottom of what exactly Glen Orrin whisky is a blend of however, it is believed to contain mostly Speyside whisky.

Whisky guru Jim Murray has already given his expert opinion of the whisky and comments that “This is a clean, charming blend from the old school of whisky. The grains have made a first-class job of drawing out the most lively vanillas and, when fully warmed in the hand, the delightfully sharp marmalade is at its zenith.”

As a whisky gift this is a cracker of a Christmas present at a real value price.  With the popularity of quality whisky rising there is certain to be someone in your family who would appreciate it, and if you can’t make it to Aldi on the 9th December don’t worry we have plenty whisky gifts to buy online.

Buy Whisky Online Sat, 24 Nov 2012 14:09:52 +0000 Buying whisky online has taken some major steps in 2012 with more and more entrants to the market, even the Swedish government has got in the act of online whisky sales with their introduction of a delivery service. The Whisky Exchange remains the most popular player in the market however is now facing stiff competition from the Whisky Shop, Master of Malt, Whisky-Online, The Whisky Barrel, Royal Mile Whiskies and the Scottish Whisky Store. The most recent coup was carried out by Master of Malt who have signed a unique deal with The Times and Sunday Times newspaper to have focus on spirits in the Sunday Times supplement. This is being supplemented by a website in addition to the existing Master of Malt website to aid the process of buying whisky online.  This is no doubt to take up more space on Google without breaching Google’s terms of duplicate content.

The arrangement with the Sunday times is similar to the existing wine club which sells the wine for Direct Wines. Although being marketed as a club it is really just an advertising mechanism where the Sunday Times and The Times make a commission on sales.  The newspaper world is tough one and they are looking for new revenue streams as people baulk at the idea of paying for online news. I think the Scottish Whisky Store might need to look for a partner, The Guardian?

Arran Whisky Tue, 20 Nov 2012 06:42:56 +0000 The Isle of Arran of Scotland’s west coast is often referred to as Scotland in miniature due to the mountainous beauty of the Island and changeable weather conditions. Now the Island’s only whisky distillery has joined a new innovative scheme with the Agronomy Institute at Orkney College (part of Highlands & Islands University) to create a new single malt whisky made with the oldest known barley to be cultivated in Scotland. It is believed the barley was brought to these shores by the Viking invasion however is extremely hard to grow.  Like all things that are difficult there is a reward, it is rumoured that the barley produces a finer spirit (and thus whisky) than the barley commonly used today. The ‘Bere’ barley was widely used is Scotland up until the 19th century by distillers, brewers and millers however is really only grown now on islands off Scotland’s West coast as more modern varieties of barley give a much better yield for farmers.

Isle of Arran  distillery are almost ready to release to an 8 year old single malt whisky called Orkney Bere which was matured in ex-bourbon barrels and only 5800 bottles will be available for sale. It is being marketed as the whisky ‘as it used to be’ and has already received positive reviews.  According to Arran Distillery it had not planned to release the single malt whisky at just 8 years however it had matured very quickly. You can make an advance purchase and buy whisky online at Arran Distilliers website.

It is hoped this project will interest other whisky distilleries and lead to a revival of the Bere barley.

The Famous Grouse Thu, 15 Nov 2012 06:42:26 +0000 The most popular whisky in Scotland, Famous Grouse has had a very successful 10 years largely thanks to the owners Erdington group who invested in innovation and marketing to see their portfolio sales grow across the world. The innovation has included the Black Grouse with a little more peat and the White Grouse aimed at making scotch whisky a summer aperitif. However, the marketing department must take much of the credit for strong sales growth with the latest marketing ploy sponsoring the largest ever whisky bottle which secured national media coverage.

The strong marketing has led to a sharp rise in profits for the Erdington Group who own Famous Grouse, the Erdington Group is owned by its shareholders who are also their employees and a charitable trust set up to support Scottish causes.  Is there a better cause than Scotch whisky? Turnover for the 1st 6 months of 2012 was almost £300 million with rises in Asia, the USA and emerging markets; it is only on Europe where sales have been relatively flat.  Profits (pre-tax) were up a whopping 21% which the premium single malts and even growth for Cutty Sark in the US have contributed.

Erdington also own famous brands such as Macallan scotch whisky, Cutty Sark scotch whisky, Highland Park scotch whisky and Brugal rum.

The Whisky Shop pays record rental Wed, 07 Nov 2012 06:48:26 +0000 The Whisky Shop has opened a store in London paying a record rental for just 130sqft opposite the Ritz.  The prestigious address of 70, Piccadilly, London W1 marks the success of the Whisky Shop which now has over 20 stores in the UK. The rent is believed to be 7.5% higher than anything rented in Piccadilly before. The shop used to be occupied by Russian Airline Aeroflot however the Whisky Shop executive chairman Ian Bankier believes in opening up opposite the Ritz it will allow their discerning clients to buy whisky before taking their private jet back home.   The Whisky Shop will be stocking its best sellers as well as rare bottle of Dalmore Zenith which a blend of 3 Dalmore whiskies; one from 1964, one from 1951 and one dating back to 1926. The price about the same as night in the penthouse at the Ritz a whopping £15,000.

According to the MD Andrew Torrance the new store puts whisky retailing where it should be and the new flagship store to open in Mayfair will really announce the arrival of the Whisky Shop as a major UK chain store.

The owner Ian Bankier is also a key figure at Celtic Football club who have a big match this evening with Barcelona; no doubt he may celebrate or commiserate with a whisky or 2 after that.

Giant whisky bottle competition Sun, 04 Nov 2012 11:13:57 +0000 The whisky marketing men have been having a field day over the last few years trying to ‘out market’ each other with massive whisky bottles.  The latest to break the record for the world’s largest whisky bottle has been Famous Grouse scotch whisky that have just entered the Guinness book of records with a 228 litre whisky bottle which contains 9120 drams of scotch whisky.  The enormous bottle of Grouse will be on display at Glenturret Distillery in Perthshire which is the home of Famous Grouse whisky.

The 5t feet and 5 inches high bottle was manufactured in the Czech Republic and takes the record from Jack Daniels which entered the Guinness Book of Records just a year before with a 184 litre bottle of the favourite American whisky.  There is also the world’s largest bottle of single malt scotch whisky which is now held at the Scottish Whisky Experience on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile and contains 105 litres of 14 year old Tomintoul single malt whisky. This bottle is the most expensive of the big whisky bottle competition valued at over £5000. It was the brain child of Hoteliers in the tiny Scottish town of Tomintoul who believed the town was in need of tourist boost and laid the marketing idea out to the local whisky barons. As it was a win all round idea, everyone got behind it and the massive bottle of Tomintoul 14 year old single malt scotch whisky was born.

Malt Whisky Master Wed, 31 Oct 2012 06:41:24 +0000 At the family owned William Grant & Sons they have a malt master and master blender by the name of David Stewart who recently gave an enlightening interview to the Guardian Newspaper. This gave us a little insight into the job that all of us would like to have, not an easy job to get with only about 12 in Scotland.

David left school at the age of 17 in 1962 with just 5 O-levels and was told in no uncertain terms by his parents to go and get a job. He promptly got 3 interviews one with and Insurance Company, one at a bank and one at William Grant & Sons.  He was offered all three (a scenario school leavers now can only dream of) and chose to go and work in the world of whisky. His boss was the master blender and after 2 years clerical work his boss took him under his wing to learn the art of ‘nosing’ whisky.  David quickly learnt what to smell for in the whisky, what should be there and more importantly what shouldn’t. David quickly identified that to ‘nose’ the whisky was going to be the most difficult part of the job and it took 12 years before David could prepare a blended whisky. By the time David was 29 he had taken over as the malt master at William Grant & Sons after his boss left the company.  With William Grant owning such famous whisky as Glenfiddich, Grant’s and Balvenie this was a great honour and he has taken it forward with gusto since.

David spends 90 minutes per working day nosing whisky both from single malt casks and for blends.  He also travels promoting whisky internationally and spending time in meetings talking about whisky.  Oh it is a hard life David.